Clinton Vs. Trump or You Vs. Yourself?

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First of all, before I tell you why I am confused, let me say that someone sent me this link on Facebook which had the video of their 1st Presidential Debate. Since I frequently am sent links with “handwriting topics”, out of respect for my friend, I clicked on it. I looked at the top few things on the page and saw nothing interesting. Just as I was about to close the window, I saw a very fast-moving comment column next to the “live video” showing Hillary speaking.
The comments were rolling in at seemingly record speeds yet all the comments that I saw had such negativity. I read a few more to see what the apparent “uproar” was about. Thankfully I had NO desire to listen to anything political because I was so taken aback by the comments that I could not have told you even one word Hillary said anyway yet I was immediately moved to write this rant-of-a-blog.
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WHY do politics seem to bring out such anger, judgement, and vicious childlike behaviors in people? I am VERY apolitical (meaning ZERO interest in politics) and proudly so (despite the DNA of 6 former presidents and one contender in my bloodline).
However I do understand feeling passionate about a goal, belief, public or societal injustice,  global epidemic, etc. Those passions fuel progressive change. Yet, certainly I cannot be the only one who realizes that passions can exist without the RUDENESS and LACK OF RESPECT toward others.
In my opinion, none of these comments were helping, productive, or pragmatic. In fact, they had the opposite effect. While these commenting individuals were trying to cast negative or bad lights on the character of Hillary Clinton (just as they do Donald Trump), all they succeeded in doing was casting a negative or bad light upon themselves. All of the comments were ego-based and completely uncalled for and unnecessary. What purpose did they serve? Certainly they increased these individual’s anger and blood pressure so, if that was their purpose, congratulations to them – they succeeded.
I mean, they cannot possibly or honestly believe that their toxic comments on a Facebook post will change the election. If so, they haven’t done their homework very well.
Instead of acting like EDUCATED ADULTS – these rude individuals were acting like middle school “cliques” and vicious high school bullies. ADULTS ARE supposed to be ROLE MODELS for future generations – children and grandchildren.
QUESTIONS for the MUD-SLINGERS: Were you or your children bullied as a child? If so, they you know how it feels. Why do it to others – whether someone you know or a stranger, whether face to face or online? Would you allow your kids to talk to other kids or adults in the using the same words as your typed comments?These very actions are how limiting beliefs, depression, anxiety, etc. are formed and passed down generationally.

According to The 7th Generation Principalwhich was so important to Native American cultures that it was codified in the Iroquois Great Law of Peace, you have the power to stop this and affect change 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.


OTHER QUESTIONS for the MUD-SLINGERS: do you have absolutely NOTHING better to do with your time than to waste it giving your personal power away and risking the potential that others may consider you an uneducated, mean, immature idiot? Responding emotionally can lead to dire regrets after-the-fact. How many times have your emotional responses caused you to apologize to someone? How many times have your emotions caused job loss, loss of friends, divorce, and more? You should know by now that when emotion takes over, logic takes a hike.

So, if you don’t know what to do with yourself other than acting like someone who is a miserable energy vampire and unhappy, I suggest you find something creative to do with all of your energy.

Unsure what to do with yourself? Well, for starters…

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Ask yourself: what is the common denominator of your unhappiness? I would place a bet that YOU are. It is time to be accountable for your own life. Start by admitting that YOU are the only one who can make YOU happy. It is not up to your spouse, your child, your parents, your siblings, your boss, your dog, your cat, or anything or anyone else to make you happy. It is also not up to THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES to make you happy. Happiness is a personal CHOICE – if you like being miserable, and wish to remain that way, then beyond a doubt, you are on the right track.

FINAL QUESTIONS for the MUD-SLINGERS: if your son, daughter, or any other close loved one announced they were going to MARRY someone JUST LIKE YOU – would you be happy? Would you give your blessing? If not – WHY not?

Do you own a business? What will your current or prospective customers think when they Google your name and see your comments?

Dating someone you really like?  What will his or her parents feel about you when they Google you and see your comment?  

Are you a parent who expects respect and love from your child?  Eventually your child will use the Internet and it is 83% likely they will see your posts one day. Will they retain their respect for you when they see comments like this?

Job seeking? Believe me, most prospective employers are Googling your name and trolling your Facebook and other social media accounts. How badly to you want a job?

When YOU look in the mirror, do you LIKE who is looking back at you? Most who belittle others are very unhappy with their own lives and many suffer from self-loathing but instead throw darts at others. Afterall, sarcasm (which the comments section was full of) is a defense mechanism subconsciously put in place to protect the Ego. You see, it is way easier to blame someone or something else for your unhappiness because it helps avoid the real problem within.
Michael Jackson sure had it right with this song…

YOUR happiness starts, continues, and even ends with YOU. 

Of course, as individuals with varying beliefs, experiences, motivations, etc. we are not expected to agree with each other 100% of the time. However, IF WE WISH TO BE HAPPY, we really must accept another’s opinions, differences, etc. whether we agree or not. 

Giving your mental and physical energy, and emotions to SOMEONE ELSE (in any way) just gives YOUR personal power away TO the very people you are throwing toxic words at.

Don’t like Hillary or Trump? Nobody should care if you do or not. However, if you don’t, WHY are GIVING your personal power TO them?  Take back your powerignore things (such as Presidential speeches, debates, etc.) that you do NOT like. Find things you are grateful for. Don’t like Fox News? Don’t watch it. It really is quite simple. 
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It is certainly not shocking to find out that the Spiritual Research Foundation discovered  63% of the world’s population is under 29% spiritual vibration (really far from 100%).

No wonder the world is getting worse and, by acting the way you are, you are contributing greatly to the problem for generations to come!

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I don’t know about you, but I have NEVER seen anyone anywhere in the world with wings or a halo on and would venture to say you haven’t either. Don’t we all have skeletons in our not-so-perfect closets too? 
When you insult another, you are insulting yourself since we are all energetically connected. If this concept is new to you or seems impossible, you haven’t read this.

Remember, at the end of the day, Hillary and Donald bleed red too. They are someone’s child, brother, sister, parent, partner… just like you. We are all just imperfect people trying to do the best we can in an increasingly imperfect world.

Still feel passionate? Good – you can feel passionate without belittling yourself or anyone else. In fact, maybe Anonymous is something you can better express your feelings through?

Bottom line, you have a MAJOR DECISION TO MAKE right now…

Do you want to be part of the problem’s continuation or part of the solution?
By the way, did you see my post on Clinton’s and Trump’s handwriting?
SICK & TIRED of being SICK & TIRED? Pissed at yourself for being ANGRY all the time? Depressed because you are always SAD? Hopeless because you are UNhappy and UNfulfilled? Done DECEIVING yourself? Ready to INCREASE your spirituality through a REALITY CHECK?
 I also suggest you watch these SHORT videos and movies in any order:
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BTW – this also pertains to how you talk to one another, not just comments to the candidates. 

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